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We have been delivering high quality training to individuals and organisations since 2008.

Based at Crookes Social Club in Sheffield we offer classes in Self Defence, Ju Jitsu (Unarmed Combat) and fitness training like you will find nowhere else.

We can also deliver classes where you are at very reasonable rates.

We deliver bespoke and off the peg Self Defence training to several thousand people a year and our Ju Jitsu students can study from white belt through to black belt dan grades.

Our standards are incredibly high, if yours are too then maybe we can work together. Try our Fighting Fit training to experience fitness training that reaches the parts others get nowhere near.*

All our learning opportunities are designed to put the learner at the centre of the experience.

Our expertise lies in helping people step out of their comfort zones into a place where the magic happens.

* Fighting Fit: Go Wild and Kick and Punch Your Way to Fitness: Smith, Mr Garry Anthony: 9798490990888: Books

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