My good friend Rory Miller recently published ‘Principles-Based Instruction for Self Defense (and maybe life)’. Its is a very useful guide to how self defence and martial arts should be taught. Those who attended the Seminar with Rory will understand how this chimes with how we instruct. Well as we refine how we instruct to better serve how and what you guys learn, we thought we would make explicit some of the content of Rory’s book. BTW I was talking with him last night about his next book on intuition in instruction and it sounds very interesting.

So before we get to the principles we can look at the basic building blocks Ju Jitsu. These are:

Break falls

Entry techniques



Power generation

Hand strikes

Foot strikes


Infighting skills




Counter assault

Ground fighting

Pain compliance

Core defence (elbows, shoulders and knees)

Puppet mastering

Strangles and chokes

Weapon use and defence

Spine control

Now that is some list and its my version of the list Rory uses and we used for the Instructor Development Course we put together. I will put this list (and this article) up as a post on the website so you can access it via your phone.

For now just note these are our basic building blocks. Next month I will list the principles.

The smart people will fast forward and buy the book, just saying.