Welcome to the Academy of Self Defence Ltd, , we are based in Sheffield but are highly mobile, our aim is to deliver high quality, no nonsense self defence training that is of use in the real world that we live in. Too many martial arts try to convince students that their particular style is the best for learning to defend yourself in the street, most often this is simply not true, occassionally it is downright dangerous as it fills their students up with impractical techniques that only work in the dojo with a willing training partner. The street is not like that, criminals do not fight fair and neither should you if you find yourself in a position where physical conflict is unavoidable.

Let me explain with a joke. Blonde Joe was young man, but definitely not the brightest guy around. Each day when he walked home from work, he would get stopped by three nasty men and they would beat him up and steal his money. Finally, Joe decided it would be in his best interest to walk a different route, but it would also be wise to take some self-defense classes so this wouldn’t happen again. He joined a karate class and soon was doing very well with it. One day, on his way home from work, Joe confidently decided to take his old route home and, sure enough, there were the same three thugs. He walked up to them and the battle began. The next afternoon, Joe went to his karate class with a black eye, a broken nose and a busted lip. His instructor was shocked and asked him what had happened. “Well,” Joe explained, “I took my old way home last night so I could beat those guys up who used to steal my money.” “So what happened?” asked his instructor. “They jumped me before I could get my shoes and socks off!” Joe exclaimed.

Funny or not so funny most martial arts teach you rules and behaviours that are incompatible with real life violence, keep your shoes and socks on, in fact, start wearing sturdier shoes, then come and see us.

At the Academy of Self Defence we do not use fear as a motivator and we do not teach complicated, fancy moves, our students enjoy their training and learn sound practical skills that will help them to lead safer lives. We hope that you find this website helpful and informative and that you will benefit from your visit.

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Best Wishes
Garry Smith
Managing Director and Chief Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt and Senior Instructor with the Abbeydale Ju Jisu Club and British Ju Jitsu Association.

3rd Dan Black Belt and Senior Instructor with the United Kingdom Martial Arts Alliance.

3rd Dan Black Belt and  Instructor with the British Combat Association.

3rd Dan Black Belt with the Self Defence Federation and All Styles Martial Arts Association.

In 2013 the Academy of Self Defence will be working very closely with Protect Global and we are looking forward to some very exciting developments.