Downloadable Reading

Using a knife for defence

Breakfalling on Concrete (slow motion)

Using a knife in Self Defence – WARNING, HIGH STAKES DANGER IF YOU GO HERE

The Art of Blending In

How to Fight an Attacking Dog

Holding a Grudge?

Fundamentals Of Close Quarter Combat

Getting Left of Bang, a synopsis by Patrick Van Horne

Biological Roots of Human Conflict from the Journal of Conflictology (*****)

Rebuilding Maslow’s Pyramid on an Evolutionary Foundation

World Health Organisation – Global status report on violence prevention 2014

OODA Loops Understanding the Decision Cycle

Cooper’s colors: A simple system for situational awareness


Alain Burresse free e-book

I love this Instant Self Defence

Great copyright free leaflet, womens self defence 1-4

Part two of the above womens self defence 2-3

One of the best from WE Fairbairn Get Tough

NEW (but very old) great little book I just love it UnarmedCombat

Classic US Marines unarmed combat manual Kill or Get Killed

Bit comic book but good straight forward stuff Dirty Fighting

They dont like it up em, Cold Steel

Fulsom Prison knife fighting, Put Em Down, Take Em Out

Classic Tsun Tzu to do with strategy Art of War PDF

Briefer text Principles of War By Carl Von Clausewitz