Sorry, you missed it for 2011 BUT you can pre register risk free for 2012.  Due to the success of the Sheffield seminar and the raport we struck up we have the first choice of dates for Rory’s UK tour in 2013.  Pre register NOW for next year, see details below.

As for this year:

“What a fantastic seminar, Rory is an unexploded bomb of a man. Not that he is ready to go off in your face, far from that as a nicer, relaxed person you will not meet, however, there is the sense that he could be like that really bad exploding firework that did not go off that you should not go back to.”

“The pix are great – excellent souvenir of a very enjoyable evening. Thanks very much for organising the evening with Rory Miller. I learned alot and will no doubt have the opportunity to put it into practice in the near future !”

” Hi Garry, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for making it possible for Rory to come to our neck of the woods, and put on what was a tryly 1st class seminar. we both learned a lot and got so much out of it. Were both still on a high, Rory is not only an incredibly talented man and top class instructor, but also as you are aware a greatbloke, thanks again Garry and please let us know when the the great man is back in town, all the very best …..”

“Thanks for organising the seminars, I really enjoyed them and got to meet some nice people. Learnt a few things too. It’s got me interested in taking a class when I go back, am just not sure what to doyet as every style seems to have its limitations, which is why I like the reality based stuff what Rory teaches. I will see you in September as I am booked on the Marc MacYoung Seminar.”

If you want to register interest in Rory’s full weekend in 2013 just email and you will be kept posted.

Rory @ the Academy with Garry.