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OK, you missed it, it was fantastic, eat your heart out. Here are a few quotes from some of those who came.

Fantastic Seminar. Was one of the best I have been to. I would like to thank both Marc and Garry Smith for the opportunity. Thanks guys.
Just want to add my two cents’ worth – it was a great seminar and what I loved about it was that there wasn’t any tearing down of anyone’s art, I found it validated, enriched and deepened what I already train. Many a time Marc would say something and I’d think, “Hang on, that’s exactly what Guy (my instructor) says all the time….” In a different context but it was just really good to hear the convergences.Life and times willing, I’d love to drop by again and have a go at training with everyone once more. You’re a great host, Garry, and if you’re ever in this neck of the woods do look us up.
Awesome seminar Marc and Garry. Thanks very much. I have taken a lot from it. Although the wife is wondering why I am waving my arms around in my sleep! Look at meeeeee! : -)
Brilliant seminar, learned load’s, had an excellent time and met some great people, thank you.
Good times mate, would love to drop by again. Never get enough of training and hanging out with good blokes!
Tired, aching, headache (from trying to remember mind you). These are the evidence of a great weekend. Thank you Garry for the weekend and thank you Marc for the unending quotes.
Very informative Marc thank you all.
Great day training with the gang, great company — with Marc MacYoung and Garry Smith
Morning Garry, This is the first chance I’ve had to drop you a line and thank you for organising last weekend’s seminar. It was excellent. Marc has a superb approach to teaching that helps you remember more than you normally would. I’ve experimented with working some of the “martial mechanics” stuff into my traditional kata this week. It doesn’t really change the appearance of the kata but you can actually feel the difference.
Please let me know if you organise any more.
Thanks again,

Great seminar Marc. Nice one Garry, keep up the good work!

FANTASTIC SEMINAR! definite one of the best I’ve been too. So much to remember, and so many new avenues to explore. Thanks Marc, hope the Brits made you proud…. although I’m Bolivian : )
Had a great time. Thanks everyone
A great seminar Garry. Thanks for organising and thanks to Marc for giving his knowledge and putting it across in such a unique way. I not only learned a lot but I had a great time and couldn’t stop laughing at times.What a great guy.
I hope the roast beef went down well… I now have a fried brain! Thanks to one and all for great weekend.
Great day great fun thanks Garry and Marc.
What an absolutely 1st class seminar given by one of the very best instructors out there. A man who has fantastic personality and fabulous sense of humour. I found everything totally invaluable, and Dianna is very, very good too and gave me lots of helpful instruction and tips. It was all topped off by the great get together on Saturday night. Garry, truly a weekend seminar to rank amongst the very best. Thanks.
Thanks again for organising a great seminar – I had a fantastic time. Good to meet you and have a chat over a couple of beers, too.
See you at the next one.

S0 in order to get in early just send me your email address and I will send you details of Marc’s next visit to the UK in 2013. You know it makes sense,