Children’s Self Defence Classes

The young man in the picture has been training with us for 8 years now and is very good indeed as a result.

We now offer short courses in self defence for children 8 years and older. these are in 6 week blocks and correspond with school term times. The next one is starting in February 2020.

We also have a 2 hour introduction to self defence class Wednesday 11th December 2019 starting at 5pm and you can enquire using the form below.

Our job is to help your children become fitter, stronger and safer.

For younger children (5+) please read the information below the form.

For younger children we offer training in Ju Jitsu from the age of 5 and we incorporate age appropriate self defence advice and training in these classes. For more information on Ju Jitsu please go to:

The self defence training for children is the same as the classes deliver in schools.

Our bespoke schools package includes 6 (1 per week) after school* one hour training sessions. We emphasise that avoidence is the best form of self defence, escape second, defusion third and if none of these are possible we teach techniques and strategies to successfully defend ourself and escape. We teach year 7 upwards using age appropriate content and the sessions are energetic and fun (numerous testimonials are available). We try to cater for children with SEND and participation will be facilitated where possible.

*We will not accept under 18 year olds without parental consent and would prefer this to begin with the initial enquiry.