Well it has been some time since I added to the blog, a number of other projects taking up huge swathes of time not lease incorporating the Ju Jitsu club I used to train with into the Academy of Self Defence. A week before we break from Christmas I can honestly say the last 4 months have been interesting in the extreme. We even got a mention in the local paper this week, oh go on then, here it is.

The Star 1











A week before Jayne did a 45 minute slot on BBC Radio Sheffield too. So a lot of hard work by Bill who is in charge of the Ju Jitsu curriculum development and our very own 5th Dan Senior Coach, Jayne and myself and a lot of other people has seen an exciting series of changes to how we train in Ju Jitsu and the Academy in General, for a change it is not just me, me, me.

New and interesting times, more of which later. What provoked me to write this little blog was a video I came across that quite literally had me laughing out aloud, yes belly laughing in fact. Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know I have zero tolerance of snakeoil salesman and MacDojo merchants. Well today I came across the most amazing one I have ever seen and his host of long skirted followers. Full of mystical rhubarb these maniacs, see I am not holding back here, have clearly all escaped from various asylums and formed their own remote community complete with nice colourful flags. Take a look.



How wonderous is that? How absolutely awesome? For me the real fun starts at 1min 305 seconds in. It hits new heights with that poor old lady, that they probably kidnapped as she was collecting her pension from the village post office, bouncing those good old boys around the mat. Fantastic.

I just hope the press do not see this and report on it but otherwise nobody will want the boring stuff we serve up, things like punching, kicking, breaking holds etc, who will want that when you can send people bouncing across the mat like demented tiggers whose bottoms are made out of springs. Just imagine, there you are confronted by a shaven headed, muscular mugger slashing at you with a knife and whoosh, out comes your chi and he is tumbling away down the alleyway like Olga Korbut going for gold at the olympics. AND you get to wear a nice dress, male or female.

I will not go on, needless to say we should look at this kung foolery, laugh and move on. Care in the community has failed but as long as they hurt nobody but themselves leave them to their delusions. I got up from writing this piece to answer the door, hurrah, my new groin guard is here, yes in our training we do fight as well and the groin is a legitimate target, I also got another communication from the Scientlogists for the previous owner (we have been here over 22 years) who is long dead. Maybe¬† can put them intouch with the kung foolery boys and girls, now there’s a thought.

As before I have to let an authority far above myself show you some secret street fighting drills, why not try these yourself, if you dare.