Classes and Seminars

Our Women’s Self Defence classes are taught by senior instructor Jayne Wharf who is a third dan black belt and Senior Instructor in Applied Ju Jitsu and one of the few women self defence instructors in the UK.

Jayne is also a director of the Conflict Research Group International and co-editor and contributor to Conflict Manager Magazine, a weekly journal for violence professionals.

This course is not available for individuals but we welcome enquiries from groups of women.

Alternatively we periodically run half day seminars for women who want a distinct one stop experience. Please contact us for details.

















Classes will be taught by Jayne and Garry.

Contact us on to reserve your place.

We can offer high quality self defence training specifically designed for women via our:

  • Digital training courses
  • Open seminars
  • Group bookings
  • Private tuition

Jayne can be seen here demonstrating a hip throw on somebody almost twice her weight, Garry, when training for her 3rd dan grading.



Starting with avoidance we go right through to dealing with the aftermath of an assault situation. You will be provided with guided reading to supplement what you learn in class, practical and theory. This is not the bog standard karate or whatever martial art dressed up as self defence.

We look at how real attacks take place and use that as our starting point, NOT some fancy techniques the instructor excels at but are unrealistic for you to learn AND do not work in the street.

Our training includes no fear based sessions just straight forward self defence advice and techniques tailored to you, each individual will identify and work to their strengths. Join us and you will learn how to:

  • Develop your Sense of Awareness
  • Assess Risk and Plan Quickly
  • Effectively Use  Avoidance Tactics
  • De-escalation a Situation Quickly
  • Useful Practical Self Defence Skills that work for WOMEN

Participating in our training will help you;

  • Get fitter
  • Get stronger
  • Burn calories
  • Gain confidence
  • Walk taller
  • Become a hard target

Learn how to hit like a girl……

This is not another ‘system’ it is the real deal in  women’s self defence. Years of experience have taught us that good training is centered on the needs of the student and we strive to achieve this. The Academy has delivered self defence training successfully for several thousand women to date and we hope you will join us soon.

If you do not want to join a seminar private lessons can be arranged.

Frances and Jayne working some knife defences

Frances and Jayne working some knife defence drills.