OK folks, we all know of a MacDojo where quantity replaces quality. Having watched footage on Youtube recently where most of what is presented is more to do with dancing than martial arts, I feel inceasingly that these set ups are dangerous as they instill incredible false confidence in poor technique that has no application in the real world. Whilst everybody is discussing the poor man who died yesterday crossing a flooded ford through possible misplaced trust in a sat nav, I sit here wondering how long before we discuss the death of some person who placed his trust in one of these rip off institutions. However, as others point out its an unregulated ‘industry’ we are in whether we are paid or not for profit, so what should or can be done? We have such an institution in Sheffield that has acquired some very negative attention from former students but they market aggressively and mine money out of peoples pockets, the Ju jItsu club where I study and teach has received a number of their ‘black belts’, some of dan grades. over the years and it is obvious they do not know what they are teaching, or if I was cynical, which I am, they know they are crap, ignore it and con. This is not the fault of those who are conned, they are told they are great students, future leaders, worthy black belts, world champions sometimes, but it is all smoke, mirrors and direct debits as far as I can see. Have you seen this, take a look below for an example, and no disrespect intended to Stan, Ollie or the Chuckle Brothers? Let me know, bye for now. Garry.