Good evening, I usually like to write in the mornings but tonight my fingers were itching to get onto the keyboard. I returned from training less than an hour ago and have dined on a wholesome stew and a glass of red. Top recovery meal. I have had a busy day, got up then tea and a bit of admin, pick up my parents and take them to the train station. Realise I/we/THEY had left a suitcase at home, rush there and back to station, no speeding of course, then off to University of Sheffield for an exhibition on Anglo-Saxon life and culture, Dr Rebecca Fisher and students take a bow please. Then home for food and more admin then a few hours at a business networking event before coming home changing and off to training. To be honest at one point I almost did not go to Ju Jitsu training. Bit tired, definitely hungry, possibly lazy. That is when I know it is time to instill a bit of self-discipline. Sort out the kit, get the bag ready and go. I know from experience these can prove to be the best nights, probably because your expectations, like your drive and desire are low.

Its pick yourself up by the bootstraps lad and get on with it and it did turn out to be a lovely night. A nice short warm up including some very satisfying pad work, I love pasting away at the spot pad combinations, then helping one of our 2nd dans with some knife defences followed by myself defending against a variety of grabs whilst blindfolded, then with the 4th dan Sai, Nunchuk, Vulnerable Points and Chinese Kata thrown in for good measure. Time flew, it was absorbing, entertaining and fun. It’s a good social mix and whilst I was training for most of the night with one partner there was the usual banter at warm up, cool down and afterwards. There were people who are in their first few weeks, old gits like me and a good spread in between. Sensei Bill is a very good instructor and mixes tradition and pragmatism to good effect on the mat. I sit here tonight so glad I made myself go.

My very first blog touched on the subject of the MacDojo, that money-making comedy institution that separates the unwary from their money whilst providing, at best, training of dubious quality. I am not sure how some of these people sleep at night although they no doubt convince themselves too. Trust me I make a living teaching self defence, but I constantly monitor what I provide and make sure it is amongst the best, I do not deal in fantasy, Ninja type techniques, I do not dress up self defence as pretty, its dirty and ugly and effective, if it cannot be done under pressure then bin it. Our Ju Jitsu club share this approach too, that’s why I love my training, serious rigorous Kata to self-expression knife defences in the same class, prefect.

On Monday and Tuesday next week I am honoured to be Hosting Sgt Rory Miller for two evenings in Sheffield and I am really looking forward to it. The first two people to sign up for this were my 5th and 6th dan instructors, the attendance list contains people with no martial arts experience to the afore-mentioned veterans. It is fast becoming a very distinguished group, amongst it are a number of people I respect and admire and am aiming to train with in the near future, others still cannot make it, that’s life. Having read a number of Rory’s books I have a good idea what he will deliver, it will be a quality experience. However, not all martial arts are like that, if you have not seen Master Ken in action before then watch the following clip.

So are you prepared for the Hurticane? Be warned Master Ken exists, he takes on many forms, he occupies many dojos. Treat yourself and watch more Enter the Dojo clips on Youtube. OK we all like a laugh but two years ago a couple of friends from Denmark were staying with us for a couple of weeks, I took Nikolai to one of our Ju Jitsu sessions, it nearly killed him. Next day he showed me videos of a guy he had trained with in Denmark years before and this guy had amazing powers, super powers. He could knock people out, floor them, render them senseless from yards away just using his Chi, this is best described as an energy source, mysterious in origin, only truly controlled and used by masters to defeat their enemies. There are numerous videos of him knocking out numerous opponents with just one Chi ball, many martial artists believe sincerely in Chi, other people believe aliens create crop circles, Father Christmas etc. Nikolai showed me lots of Youtube videos of this Master, I explained my scepticism kindly. You see there are many forms of distraction, hypnotism and mental manipulation that skilled people can use to manage the responses of others. Master Ken is funny because his ‘fraud’ is so obvious to us. But there are others who go for the bigger lie, correct me if I am wrong but was it not Joseph Goebbels who said the bigger the lie the more people believe it?

Well I am  returning in a way to my first blog theme the MacDojo but broadening my view to include some of the incredible powers some martial artists claim to possess, I would now like you to enjoy the following video. This guy and his students fascinate me, its the amazing no punch knockout again. The video has done the rounds on Facebook a few times and it never fails to make me chuckle, it is the stuff of movies not real life, a special effects of the mind. It is supported by much of the mystification and mumbo jumbo that some people surround the martial arts in, if you see what I mean grasshopper.

In my previous blog ‘On Sexy Beast and Psychopaths’ I posted a documentary video on psychopaths, in it it shows clips of charismatic evangelical preachers in the USA laying on hands, pushing over, their gullible ‘victims’, in one clip not only does the ‘victim’ go down but the first three rows of the audience, is this the power of the Chi of Jesus? I have no idea except what they do has been exposed as incredibly organised and manipulative, its big business and incredibly dramatic as the blind will see, the crippled walk again and the Dollars roll in. So are we surprised when these superpowers emerge in the martial arts, not really. Just like the religious fanatics the MacDojo people are searching for an angle, a gimmick that gives them the edge in an unregulated market so why are we surprised to see these ‘evangelical’ Sensies peddling their wares.

In the following video a Master of Chi is ‘apparently’ exposed as a fraud, a fibber, a liar, you may say. Who knows why or for what motivation he does what he does, what concerns me is the reasoning and critical, or lack of, capacity of his students. My fist exists, if driven at force into your solar plexus it will put you, most people, down. Chi does not exist, it is made up, it is at best a philosophical position put forward as part of the mystification of the martial arts. It needs to be debunked. So here is to debunking the myth of Chi, the following video says it all. Watch, enjoy, then comment. Nighty Night, Garry.

PS, I believe in Father Christmas 😉