Training was great this morning, great drills, great friends and great humour. It has to be like that otherwise it would not be worth getting out of bed for. I ache a bit and feel a bit tired now after putting the effort in but that is what keeps you going. Maybe a hot bath and a snooze will help after all at my time of life it takes a lot out of you. We mixed it up a bit this week and I put in a couple of drills gleaned from a video put on Facebook yesterday by Stevie ‘Fozz’ Forrest, take a bow please sir, and you Keith.

We took this drill played around with it and had some great fun. So a day after Facebook shares being launched and gained the fell back we were sharing something gained from Facebook and also fell back whilst doing it. It’s a weird world and as I reflect on some of the things that were forecast when we were kids, nobody ever got close to a phone in your pocket, the internet (in your pocket), Kindles, virtual friends etc. How damn scary is the pace of technological innovation as the world enters the postmodern, postvirtual era. It’s really scary indeed. However, the point I want to make arose out of a conversation I had outside our greengrocer the other day with a friend who asked if I knew about this social networking, blogging stuff. A little was my honest reply. It’s about how we move between virtual and real worlds, from blog to face to face conversation, From Facebook friends to meet in the flesh friends. In the next few days I am about to meet a number of friends from Facebook in the flesh, I am really looking forward to it. Several others have expressed a desire to meet up also and I hope this happens soon. It reminds me of a saying when I visited Ireland some years back, a stranger is a friend you have not met yet.

It’s a truism if you think about it. Back to this mornings training and when you think about the people you train with you realise what good friends they are for sharing their time to train with you. they ask no favours, they take no liberties but they give as good as they get. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of such a group of people, to be accepted as their equal and to be allowed to learn and grow amongst them. The training is, controlled, violent stuff with lots of sweat but thankfully no blood or tears, (not often anyway). It is not for the wimps and for some it is more painful than for others. We discovered today that one person possesses a heat seeking toe, this toe managed to poke itself through the rear of a groin guard, you know the step in type, and introduce pain to our instructors Bill’s bottom. This person has an uncanny, but not deliberate(?), ability to seek the male groin with her kicks so groin guards have become the de rigour training accessory when she is present. I think Jayne likes to destroy the groin, just have a look at Master Ken’s Destroy the Groin, I think it is what inspired her .

After this mornings heat seeking exploits we have named this person ‘The Groinhunter’ and as such shall Jayne now be known. Maybe there is a marketing angle here and we should be looking to produce Groinhunter merchandise, T shirts, mugs, GROIN GUARDS even!!! So it was with a little trepidation thet we used Stevie’s drill, groin guard plus shield both very much needed especially when being kicked by the Groinhunter. I digress a little but I think it is our ability to blend the virtual with the actual that will define our generation. It has never been so easy to transfer knowledge, examples of practise or advise so quickly as it is now, do you know what it is to pie a corner? You will in a minute. I get loads of fluff on Facebook but occasionally I unearth a diamond. Yesterday I became friends with Jim Wagner, his videos on Youtube are great (see below), lots of very subtle hints and ideas expertly presented, a great resource, I watched a few and this together with something I read in Rory Millers ‘Force Decisions’ merged in my mind, they made me think of the drills Steve ‘Fozz’ Forrest posted on Youtube and led to me putting together  two new drills today.  That is technological transfer for you. Not instant but damn quick.

So how do you communicate, train, interact? It should be a blend of all of the above surely? Friends are friends whether we are in the same room or linked together by space hardware and two keyboards. How has your training benefitted from your internet interactions? Social intercourse on the internet, take care you do not pick up a virus though! Tell me please I would love to know, if you do not I may set the Groinhunter onto you!!! 😉 Until then please watch one of Jim’s videos, its really great simple stuff, why not learn to pie a corner?