I love the stuff that flies around the ether as swiftly as a Ninja, naked to the human eye, Don Roley has been posting on Facebook today about a particularly virulent strain of this phenomena, the Red Spider Ninja Society, Don is not a fan. As I was really busy working through my get done today list, I decided to take a look. There are a number of photos and videos posted on Facebook and Youtube of the Red Spider Ninja Society, that is one hell of a scary name, you would not want to be hunted down by these highly trained and vicious killers, I know I felt a chill down my spine when I heard of them. To be honest I just locked all the doors and windows and armed myself with a Taser. Rather than describe the Red Spider Ninja Society let us hear their creed:


Yes, that is what I thought, this society is the one guy in his living room or maybe they are so good at being Ninja that they are cunningly concealed, watching us whilst their great leader reads, slowly, possibly with an overweight finger-pointing at the words, their creed. There are even more entertaining videos particularly displaying his naked torso topped by the black Ninja headgear and weapons of different types, The Red Spider Ninja Society is very fond of weapons. You may think I am laughing at this guy, oops, society, I am not. However, do not take my word for it, lets see what Master Ken has to say:

I like Master Ken he does not hold back does he, he is forthright in his views and whilst he does not name the Red Spider Ninja Society by name, he may not know they exist, but it’s as if he has them clearly in his sights. So two videos, two masters, one is a parody of the know it all master of a dark art, a comedian working a routine, method acting superbly and believing his character is real to impress others, the other is a sad loser who nobody in the martial arts world respects and gets us all a bad name as they peddle crap. I will leave you to work out which is which.

When I was a kid I used to love playing cowboys and indians, soldiers where we fought the second world war endlessly, doctors and nurses where I was the doctor and ‘inspected’ the nurses. We used our imaginations to try out different roles, different concepts of the self so that as we matured we drew on the multiple influences we were exposed to and gradually settled into the you and me we know today. Many adults go off to join historical recreation societies. If I want to I could be a Roundhead or Cavalier, a Viking or a World War Two character or hundreds of other such fantasy play scenarios. WE do not have to go outdoors as I can become a virtual character in a virtual world as i switch on my computer. So why do we laugh at the Ninja?

It is because they can be very funny, their fantasy is theirs but if they choose to share it then once its in the public arena it is free for all to see and comment upon. I have to admit there will be people with great training and good technique out their practising Ninjitsu, but for every serious exponent there will be many more fantasists, fools and what is scary, mentally imbalanced people out there hiding behind trees with sharpened knives. My supplier of martial arts equipment sends me a couple of glossy magazine style catalogues a year. The Ninja gear is in there every time so somebody is buying it. Is it you? Are you brave enough to step out of the closet, or wherever you are hiding, and declare loud and proud “I AM A NINJA!!!” Go on, dress up in your gear and show off your awesomeness like the Red Spider Ninja Society in this next short clip:

Was that not am awesome display, there is no way I could leap that high and break a board so thick. I kid you not, do not make fun of these people or you may never be able to walk the streets without looking over your shoulder every ten seconds, you would never be able to walk past a very large tree, without a cold trickle of fear running down your spine, that they may be behind it, waiting for you. So my message to you all is clear, its best to stay away from Ninjas full stop. Just as there is a progression from soft to hard drugs we need to recognise when our love of Karate, Ju Jitsu or any other martial art is leading to a craving for something a little more, how shall I say, special, somewhere you can practice your increasing desire for stealth and killing in your mind. Do not tell me you have never craved to hide under your bed with a Katana at the ready. I know I have (not). This blog will now end with a Public Service Announcement from Master Ken, says it all, Adios Amigos.