My memory gets worse, not much worse but I keep having senior moments, so first let me say hello to everybody all over the world who are read my blog, I thank you for your interest. I remember reading somewhere that most men unconsciously protect the groin thus making it a not so good target for self defence reasons, a kind of ‘b’ target to take if available. However, if it is on offer its hard to resist as a BOGOF, (buy one get one free) as the effect is very good. Not long ago I used one of Stevie ‘Foz’ Forest’s training drills where a large shield goes between your training partners leg, plus good quality groin guard, and from a conversation stance you snap kick to the groin, pull them onto a knee to the chest and finish the with a cupped hand strike to the ear (focus Pad, I added the last bit on) to send them to sleep. It is a great drill and with the element of surprise would really take out a threat. We ran through this drill a couple of Saturday’s ago and it is simple to do, easy to learn and importantly easy to perform under stress, all necessary ingredients for a good self defence technique. It’s about 1 min into the following clip from RIPSAW watch Keith and Stevie run through it.

Being kicked, or kneed, in the groin is a deeply unpleasant experience, when caught properly it is game over, take a look at these guys, OK as a strike to the groin is not legal in a competition, it is perfectly acceptable if being attacked by a determined threat. Ladies may enjoy this more than us chaps, I think I actually feel some of these.!

That is a video nasty if ever I saw one, a real shocker. The groin is a physiologically sensitive area as well as psychologically sensitive, especially for men. A blunt strike delivered with foot, shin, knee, hand or elbow can cause extreme pain as we saw in the last clip. Any trauma that breaks through the scrotal sac is an obvious emergency and the attacker should suffer  swelling and bruising, later on after the sickness recedes a fever can develop after a trauma to the testicles. However, in a close in situation, particularly where a sexual assault is taking place, grabbing, squeezing and twisting is much more effective, it certainly should stop an attack. Twisting the testicles can cause testicular torsion, and it’s an emergency as twisting chokes off the flow of blood, if you don’t get help within six hours, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your testicle/s. Did I hear a female voice say tough titty then? Well, whilst it is statistically less likely, male rape happens guys.

Both the above methods of attacking this area on males is that the pain is immense whether through blunt trauma or twisting as both can cause testicular rupture and/or intrascrotal hemorrhage. Severe damage such as this is rarely inflicted but if using force to defend against a threat then the level of force applied here has to be your maximum, I would argue, depending on your assessment of the threats capacity to harm you and this hast to be done in a flash and under severe stress and pressure, especially in an ambush situation where the OODA (Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act) loop has to kick in fast. So whilst we have to be very careful how we do this we need to think of drills we can train but importantly we need to create the mind shift that will allow a moderate, nice person to overcome years of social conditioning and inflict possibly permanent and lasting damage on another human being, however awful they may be. In these situations I like to turn to real experts for help, so lets listen to an old friends advice.

OK, as usual Master Ken makes fun, and it is incredibly funny especially the bit where Rachael pulls him round the mat, of a serious subject and we see the effectiveness of the blunt trauma and grab and twist. As martial artists we may want to know how we can defend against an attack on the groin, maybe stance, distance, I can think of several ways to reduce the threat, however, I am going to turn to Sport Science to assist me in the quest to help me stand up, literally, to any attempt to target my testicles.

Ok, the rest of us would be smashed, wasted by the strikes Kirby takes to the throat, he is clearly an exception to the rule. So how will he cope with a powerful kick to the groin? Remember he has trained ‘hard’ for years at this so I expect him to take the kick. Lets see.

Ouch, that is enough. I do not know about you but there is a limit to the amount of body conditioning I can do, this is way beyond it, that kick would have me on my deathbed. How can anyone endure 5 years of being kicked in the groin and why? I cannot figure that out, yes it is an incredible demonstration but what is the cost, surely there must be a cost, nobody can take that amount of sustained punishment without consequences. I remember being hit in the testicles by a tennis ball thrown by my younger brother, I still remember it from our childhood. So despite my senior moments I can remember being outside our caravan in Cornwall playing with Dad and Darren and getting hit in the nuts, because it really hurt and made me feel sick and cry. Strangely I do not feel the need to engage Wolff’s Law to harden my nuts, they will do as they are for now thanks. For me the exception proves the rule and science confirms what Master Ken always knew, the easiest way to win a fight is to destroy the groin. Happy days, take it easy people but train hard, just not that ‘hard’.