Well I thought I had seen it all with the snake oil salesmen, thought my last critique was enough to scare off the scam monsters but no, who am I fooling, certainly not little old me for sure. This morning I was innocently procrastinating on Facebook, no that is not some new sexual offence, when I came across this thanks to Tony Hughes, well I think I thank him, because when I watched it my heart sank once again. and for a short while words failed me. Take a look, how these clowns can do this and keep a straight face is way beyond my comprehension;

Where oh where do we start to pick the bones out of this one well I visited their website to see what other wonders I could see. Well he is not exactly lightening fast is he and neither is he a slip of a lad, neither is the attack that quick either, but it is not the ability to step sideways, honed with years of practice no doubt or the attack by Mogodon man that amuses me, it is the slow controlled descent down the wall by the attacker. I worry about the medical consequences of suffering repeated Chi blasts in such a short time after all there is only so much punishment the mind and body can take. It is as if there is a continued control over the attacker after he is stunned that is only released once he is tapped out of it, this is confirmed by his shake of the head, what happened response, fantastic, what else can this guy do? Well look at this it gets better and better.

I think you will agree that this is indeed a stunning set of defence against a punching opponent attacking from 2 metres away, check the mats. Would you attack with this punch from 2 metres away? Maybe the attacker has an inner ear problem that is triggered when he attacks someone from distance with an inefective strike? Who knows, maybe old Chi balls is just one incredible guy? Personally I think the distance is the key so lets see what happens when the attacker closes the distance.

Well I was shocked, despite cunningly inching forward inside the 2 metre distance the sudden, unpredictable attack fails to drive home as the attackers arm stops suddenly before impact and he is cast to the ground like a rag doll with no obvious effort from the master, for surely that is what he is with what I can only deem to be supernatural powers. I can offer no other explanation, or can I?

Well I can and you can, these guys believe their own bullshit. They are fakes and a laughingstock. Unfortunately it is jokers like these that get us all laughed at. Martial arts vary greatly from one another and quality control is lacking in many disciplines. this is less the case where there are recognised governing bodies but where there is no regulation at all, fantasists like these Walter Mitty’s crawl out of the woodwork and post themselves all over Youtube. Am I bothered, well yes and no, yes for the above said reason, their stupidity can taint us all, but then I have not laughed so much in ages since watching them perform, and it is a performance, well rehearsed and polished, but it is a turd of a performance, and as the saying goes it does not matter how much you polish a turd, it is still a turd.

When so many martial arts practitioners are trying their utmost to deliver their training to the best of their ability jokers like this, however much they make us laugh, are an insult to our intelligence. We need to publicise their uselessness at every opportunity and out them for the frauds they are and if they are not frauds then let them accept open offers of challenges, lets see how much faith they have in their hocus pocus techniques then.

Until then I will leave you with a short blast of real martial arts skill by a true exponent of the world famous English Casuals System, enjoy.