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Great read, get your copy now.

Great read, get your copy now.



The following is a quote from my friend Marc MacYoung, it sums up perfectly our approach to training in self defence.

“SSgt Grizzly Bear and I were talking about the combo of conviction, self-righteousness and dogma that is common among training. Specifically we were talking about the wars over the ‘right way’ to do something. Sad thing is most of the arguments are like virgins arguing over what’s the best sexual position based on the advice of different porno stars. Note a distinct lack of first hand experience mixed with ‘well so-and-so says.’

Now not to rain on anybody’s parade, but what so-and-so likes or doesn’t like neither makes it an ultimate truth or the ‘best way.’ The reason being is there’s a big difference between training and application. It isn’t until you’re out in the field that you discover … well, that the situation isn’t as cut and dried in real life as it seems in training.

As such, while there may be a ‘perfect way’ to do something in a particular situation, there are still 99 other situations where it’s not so hot. What you’re (hopefully) looking for is something that allows you to ‘git r done’ in the widest variety of circumstance. Often in situations where achieving perfection is problematic.

Now this is a coconut this lil’ squirrel has wrestled for a long time. Because those virgins are wanting the ‘right’ way to do something. Not only that, but they want one way that works everywhere, all the time and against everything.

Uhhh no, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, real life is way more messy. It was then that SSgt GB said something to an imaginary 3rd party that cracked the coconut for me.

“I just gave you 90 things that only happen 1% of the time. Do the math!”

Way better articulation than ‘shit happens.’ But also a really good way to shift your training paradigm. Because while sum is still 90% there as some things that happen 15% of the time. That? 10%. These 5% and those 2%. Then you get to those things that happen only 1%.

Those 1% are fringes, but they do happen and there’s enough of them you gotta keep them in mind. But first things first focus on those problems that are more common. This is a huge paradigm shift in your training. Instead of looking for the ‘right way’ to do something, approach training what can you do that reliably covers the most common variables. Then deal with the real outlying, left field, once in a blue moon variables.”