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Here at the Academy we take  our Applied Ju Jitsu  training seriously whilst at the same time having lots of fun and getting fit. Our Ju Jitsu is not mired in old fashioned methods that have lost their relevance, we are not wannabe ninjas or plastic Samurai. We have a very carefully crafted curriculum that has been developed over many years, our Ju Jitsu training is modern, energetic and practical. It is designed with the learner at the centre of the process and progression and achievement is at your pace. We are registered with the British Combat Association and they are now our Governing Body.


Knife defence in Ju Jitsu, move, deflect and strike.


We train for reality not fantasy and our no nonsense approach to Ju Jitsu means that our student experience is really at the cutting edge (sorry could not resist that). Our Ju Jitsu is about hand to hand combat where winning can be the difference between life and death, we take our training very seriously indeed and have a full programme of Continuous Professional Development for our highly skilled and experienced instructors so that they provide the best for you. Our current black belt team have an amazing 126 years as Black Belts between them and that includes 27 Dan grades up to and including one 5th Dan Black Belt. We are here to help you join that elite group and with our training methods and your effort we hope to make that come true. We do not gift black belts like sweeties like some clubs do, you cannot buy one as you would at a MacDojo, at Applied Ju Jitsu you will earn your black belt, and we will support you 100% along the way.



Applied Ju Jitsu 3rd Dan, Dave Withers, training with Marc MacYoung on an Academy seminar


We also work with some of the worlds top self defence instructors and authors like Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller and Itay Gil, their work inspires our teaching and learning. We work with the best to bring you the best training possible. Together with Marc and Rory, Garry is one of the founding members of the Conflict Research Group International and editor of Conflict Manager Magazine.



Rory Miller demonstrating Ju Jitsu locks at an Academy of Self Defence seminar.


So do yourself a favour and enroll on our Applied Ju Jitsu classes now, you will love it.

Here is Jayne practising attacking vulnerable parts, (solar plexus and ribs), for her upcoming 3rd Dan Black Belt.


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Jayne and Frances training defence against a knife attack with former special forces counter terror expert Itay Gil.

Applied Ju Jitsu


 We welcome applications to join our training but reserve the right to refuse an application without offering an explanation. Successful applicants will need to complete a health declaration form and a disclaimer. Insurance is compulsory ans we arrange this through our governing body the British Combat Association.