After almost 21 years as the UK’s premier multi-style martial arts organisation, focussed on the reality of personal combat, the BCA goes from strength to strength. With one of the most efficient administrations of all organisations, a home to nearly every martial art and led by two of the world’s acknowledged experts in self protection and personal combat, the BCA is still at the forefront of promoting quality martial arts and it’s leading role in Close Quarter Combat (CQC).

Whilst, over the years, we have been copied – but never bettered – the BCA has achieved a worldwide reputation as the organisation that has not only the least politics, but the innate depth of experience about both the relevance and practice of quality martial arts and also the role the arts play in a variety of close combat situations.

The BCA’s Joint Chief Instructors  – Geoff Thompson 8th Dan Karate & Peter Consterdine 9th Dan Karate



Some of the UK’s leading exponents of reality-based martial arts are Instructors within the Association and many have grown, within the family atmosphere and through the help and encouragement of Geoff and Peter, to build worldwide reputations of their own. Black Belt magazine in its April 2006 edition rated Peter and Geoff in the top 5 of the 20 best street fighters in the martial arts world.

The BCA is the meeting place for the BCA Instructors with their own private ‘Instructor’s Zone’ but also where martial arts Instructors looking for either a new, non-political home, or simply to extend their knowledge and network can find out all about the benefits to themselves and their students of joining the UK’s most respected organisation. The BCA is an association run by practising martial artists not briefcase warriors.

Both Peter and Geoff are renowned for their reputations as ultra-hard, uncompromising trainers, both of whom have long traditional backgrounds, years of competitive success and many years of handling face to face violence as a profession.

Within the BCA there is simply an amazing network of first-class Instructors in all disciplines. The Academy of Self Defence is proud to be in the British Combat Association and adhere to its ethos and high standards.

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All participants will be required to hold a BCA Licence and will be indemnied against personal injury and third party liability, this is mandatory and costs  only £16 per year for seniors and £13 per year for juniors.