Well Rory Miller delivered a fantastic seminar at the Academy of Self Defence on Saturday 9th February 2013.

Rorycoveredrsome of the psychological issues of conflict including Conflict Communications, Think Like A Criminal, and various “post-fight” scenarios. His physical training will include “one-step” fighting, scenario and environmental training, and Rory’s special brand of Infighting.

We rocked and rolled and the incredible intellectual underpinning of the practical fighting, supplemented by a well chosen selection of videos, made this a masterclass to remember.

Everybody went away with loads of new ideas and drills to share and enjoy. Here are some of the participants comments:

“Yes I know I say it everytime I go to a seminar (well nearly) Rory Miller was the dogs, get on the next one its a blast.”

“Excellent seminar, had a great time,learned a lot, good to catch up with a few friend’s and make some new ones. Thanks Garry and Rory.”

” A really comprehensive, and fun, insight into the way criminals think and act, they do not come at us like our training partners and even though we trust our own well rehearsed moves, they often do not work, Rory has a unique insight into this other world and the seminar was by terms, challenging, educational, intellectual, physical but overall FUN. Thank you very much.”

“Garry runs a great seminar with top guys, like Rory Miller, doing no bull proper useful stuff that can be used. I recommend you get up or down to Sheffield you won’t regret it (thanks for a great day mate).”

“A quick note to say thanks for a great weekend training with you and Rory Miller. Looking forward to the next one already but plenty to work on until then.”


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Rory Miller and my friend Bill Barrott playing nicely.