So you have seen the emails announcing the return of Wild Wednesday and may be wondering what the hell it involves. Well here is a short explanation.

Many moons ago a few of us decided to do a bit of additional fitness training on top of our Ju Jitsu classes and the Saturday class that back then had no name, it was just the ‘second session’. The fact that it was usually a gut busting workout with quite a bit of sparring, grappling and ground fighting meant it was mostly attended by black belts and those getting close to grading for black belt.

I came up with the idea of taking some of the Saturday type drills and finding a space outdoors to train in. We used a clearing in Eccleshall Woods to start with, coincidently we returned there last Wednesday, and started experimenting with new drills, circuits etc. It was fun, crashing around in the woods we soon realised that this was very different from the routine of the dojo.

We created circuits running whilst carrying a log on your shoulder, dodging tree roots and working in the pit. We trained in all seasons, at night with just 1 Tilley lamp, in snow at night, in the wind and rain and we trained hard. We did lots of pad work up and down a slope with someone on your back, punching and kicking. Punching and kicking whilst balancing on a log or moving between a selection of rocks, we did bench press type lifts with the logs and threw them around a lot too.

Wednesday nights now consisted of a lot of crashing around in the woods and it was fun. I loved it and quite early on started looking for other martial arts groups doing the same kind of stuff and I found them and went and met them, sometimes training with them, the best bit was fighting in Loch Lomond.

Finding others who also saw the huge benefits of taking their training outdoors taught me a lot and triggered many questions in my mind. For years later to the month I am ready to write the last 4 chapters of my book, there are 7 already complete, after extensive reading and research. So it was time to reopen Wild Wednesday and we are a small but keen few at the moment.

In September Jayne and I will be using the same training for a group of people, mostly women, who are not involved in martial arts. It is a 6 week training course and they will act as a control group, these people are not committed trainers, they will be stepping right out of their comfort zone.

It is hard to explain how the training differs in a short article, that is why I am writing ‘Exit the Dojo‘. I have set a deadline of Christmas for the first draft to be ready, this will then go out for peer review and back for a final edit before publication in Spring 2019.

If you want to come along and try a Wild Wednesday session please do, it is not a formal part of the academy offer but a separate affair, it is hard but very rewarding and it certainly gets the endorphins flowing.

Do not take my word for it, ask Dave Withers, Emma Dastoor, Kaye Hydes or Jayne then come along to the woods with us, you may get a big surprise!!!

PS, yes that is me getting dunked in Loch Lomond by my new friend Sean.